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The main idea to develop pass providers b2b marketplace portal for the service of users includes :

Provide support to indian MSME industry for their procurement and marketing needs and save their time and money and develop this system as an ecosystem by providing them a SaaS services.

With the development of this system :

Sales & revenue of Users shall be enhanced, which in turn will also reduce their expenses & marketing costs. Micro Small & Medium Enterprises may not need to spend on procurement staff because our portal would help them with almost everything they require on a PAN India basis and also at the best price possible.

Through our Price Discovery System, both buyers and sellers will receive qualified leads for products at genuine prices. This will facilitate deals and will enable businesses to expand and save their valuable time.

Pass Providers work on an affordable model to create a transparent Ecosystem. Sometimes, service providers may broadcast information that serves their objectives which leaves the service-seeker unsatisfied and vice-versa.

Thus, for achieving better financial goals at both ends, we want to help people by providing them the unbiased data of suitable & verified suppliers who shall offer reasonable prices, based on the trading history & market feedback such type of checks are curated while developing the technology.

PASS is also a Punjabi word used to provide consent after proper analysis. With the help of our team's expertise, our past experiences, i.e after analysing all the factors involved, we are authenticating PASS to the right match and convert that lead to qualified lead which qualifies the set parameters.

Pass Providers is a portal dedicated from all its stakeholders to all the service seekers, to service providers out there, be it an entrepreneur, a manufacturer, a trader, a logistics serviceman, a youngster looking for employment, farmers, researchers, MSMEs, consumers, students, aspiring businessmen.

It is not mandatory to purchase through quotations offered on the portal, but it will help our users in making a calculated decision & this will help society in the long run.

Pass Providers is your one-stop affordable solution provider for it all because Every possible measure is being taken that could act as a bridge between users and corresponding parties that could save their time & money.